“Regard this fleeting world like this: Like stars fading andvanishing at dawn, like bubbles on a fast moving stream, likemorning dewdrops evaporating on blades of grass, like a candle

flickering in a strong wind, echoes, mirages and phantoms,hallucinations, and like a dream.” The eight similes of Illusion fromthe Prajna Paramita Sutras- The Buddha


     All of my work reflects my interest in the inner dreamlike realms of perception in relation to light, color and space. We only see light because it falls onto something. It changes moment to moment depending on how we interact with it. I am inspired by plays of light as metaphor for the impermanent and ethereal nature of life, as well as a symbol for an internal luminosity we all embody. I work in the mediums of paint, mixed media on paper, photography and kiln formed glass, with a focus on gradients: of hue, tone, opacity, transparency, dissolution, form and formlessness. The overlapping and subtle transitions between these elements are the point of interest for me. 

      Each medium allows me to play with and explore light, color and space in different but analogous ways. Glass allows me to play with light directly through reflection, refraction, and transmission as I build panels made up of thousands of tiny balls I make myself through many kiln firings, and place by hand. The paintings, on the other hand, symbolically allude to momentary light effects, such as halation, which points to how color is perceived relative to other colors surrounding it. Or the blurring of light and color surrounding a bright area, like a halo or aura. Or rhythms of light and shadows in the natural world. Each painting is slowly built up in time, of many thin transparent glazes that eventually create deeply saturated color, luminosity and an expanded sense of space. The works on paper provide an opportunity for me to work spontaneously and fluidly, inspiring new ideas that come by way of chance. I create puddles of paint that when dry become a new composition through a multi media additive drawing process. Each medium I work in influences the others and bodies of work evolve.

     In a world that is burdened by struggle on so many levels, my work seeks to inspire moments where one can take a break from the chaos of the outer world and reflect upon the possibility of a greater internal radiance and spaciousness. By working with a visual language that speaks to how the beauty of life is held within a profound fragility of impermanence, it is my hope that the viewer takes the time to pause, slow down, and rest in this moment of contemplation.